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Enable Displays to Show High-Quality 3D Graphics

Our transmitters and software enable multiple displays to show high quality 3D images. From home theater systems and gaming monitors to mobile and interlaced laptops, Bit Cauldron brings the world of 3D to them all.

The transmitters maintain a two-way interactive communication which tunes out latency of system and display, fixes and reverses, enabling an outstanding user experience.

There is one transmitter currently available in production, it is the BC100.

A Brief Overview

The Bit Cauldron BC6000 Radio Frequency Shutter Glasses allow you to see high definition, full-color lifelike 3D images on 3D-Ready computer, television, and home theater systems and many other existing systems. Combine your 3D-Ready computers or disc player with a 3D-Ready projector or television and a pair of BC5000 glasses and fully immerse yourself in 3D HDTV movies, games, photographs, web or chat.

BC100 Features

  • Accepts input from VESA 1997-11
  • Accepts input from the BC10 Universal Infra-Red receiver
  • Can be powered via VESA 1992-11 oe USB
  • Fully programmable and upgradeable via USB
  • Sends an IEEE 802.15.4 signal to the BC5000 and BC6000 glasses simultaneously
  • Automatically supports a broadcast mode to control an unlimited number of glasses
  • Automatically performs Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrade of BC5000 and BC6000 glasses
  • Adjustable delay and duty cycle via a PC over USB
  • Automatic frequency lock over a large range of frequencies
  • Available as a complete certified and ready-to-ship hardware product
  • Available as a software product
  • Call for custom configurations or custom function
  • Bit Cauldron Source code with Bit Cauldron IP license available

VESA Cable Diagram


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