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3D Glasses


BC6000 3D Glasses

The Bit Cauldron BC6000 Radio Frequency Shutter Glasses allow you to see high definition, full-color lifelike 3D images on 3D-Ready computer, television, and home theater systems and many other existing systems.

BC5000 3D Glasses

The Bit Cauldron BC5000, the forerunner of the BC6000, was BitCauldron's first 3D Glasses product to use Radio frequency Shutter technology that allows you to see high-definition, full-color 3D images on any 3D-Ready device. The BC5000 is now out of mass production and has been replaced by the BC6000 glasses.

BC100 Transmitter

The Bit Cauldron BC100 Transmitter and software enables multiple displays to show high quality 3D images. The BC100 Transmitter brings 3D technology to home theater systems and gaming monitors, and even mobile and interlaced laptops.

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