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Portable Bluetooth


Applies common BACCH Filters to Files


To audition these filters, process your music files using our TestCauldron utility 


Portable Bluetooth Enablement



* All chipsets can be supported

* Chipsets with programmable DSP can be supported on-board

* Non-programmable chipsets require a companion app


* 3D Sound has been fully implemented for the CSR 867x series


Implementation Steps:

* Work with your CSR disti for an SDK and other licenses (AptX)


* Contact Bit Cauldron for the right BACCH license for your product

BACCH-SP (for speakers)

BACCH-HP (for headphones)

* The production filter requires Bit Cauldron perform acoustic testing on your final production hardware for perfect results

* Bit Cauldron will provide a “generic” filter for product development and license negotiation

* A Production Filter will be provided as part of a certification process


CSR8670 Enablement Options

The BACCH filter for the CSR8670 is available in three forms. Your engineer with the CSR8670 SDK will request the desired format. Each form can also be verified with the CSR8675


a. sbc_decoder.kap

  • This file is a plugin within the CSR SDK with many tasks: decoding, usb interface, spi interface, eq, stream relay, etc.
  • A version of sbc_decoder.kap that with BACCH processing is available    

b. bc_filter.a

  • This file BACCH processes a stereo stream between memory buffers
  • This file needs to be integrated into sbc_decoder or a similar plugin

c. Raw coefficients

  • These are the coefficients for a 2x2 FIR filter that performs BACCH processing. Once set of coefficients is provided for each sampling rate. At 44100Hz each of the 4 FIR filter banks has 512 coefficients (time domain taps) with 16 bit fixed point values
  • These coefficients needs to be processed with bc_filter.a or a similar function

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