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BC6000 3D Glasses



Stereoscopic 3D Shutter Glasses

Transmitters available for 3D-Ready TV’s, PC’s and projectors.

Incorporates an IEEE 802.15.4-2003 transceiver

A Brief Overview

The Bit Cauldron BC6000 Radio Frequency Shutter Glasses allow you to see high definition, full-color lifelike 3D images on any 3D-Ready device, whether it's your computer, television, or home theater system. Combine your 3D-Ready computer or disc player with a 3D-Ready projector or television, a pair of BC5000 glasses, and fully immerse yourself in 3D HDTV.

“The Universal Remote Control” of 3D glasses

  • Works with multiple 3D-Ready displays
  • Upgradeable for future 3D standards
  • 3D sync using IEEE 802.15.4-2003 technology
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • Simple micro-USB port charging
  • Fast glass for a clearer, brighter picture

3D Synchronization using Radio Frequency Technology

  • Resists line-of-sight interference
  • Resists infra-red remote control interference
  • Resists florescent light and sunlight interference

Patent Pending Synchronization technology

  • Eliminate ghosting with multi-microsecond accuracy
  • Adjustable duty cycle for multiple display types

Compatible with multiple displays

  • 3D Ready HDTV’s
    • TV’s with stereoscopic connectors
  • 3D Ready Gaming PC’s
    • Optimized for use with AMD’s ATI GPU’s

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