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BC5000 3D Glasses

The BC5000 is the legacy version of the BC6000 3D Glasses



Stereoscopic 3D Shutter Glasses

Transmitters available for 3D-Ready TV’s and PC’s with AMD GPU’s

A Brief Overview

The Legacy Bit Cauldron BC5000 Radio Frequency Shutter Glasses was the came out in early 2010, and have since been replaced by the BC6000. Like the BC6000, these Glasses allow you to see high definition, full-color lifelike 3D images on any 3D-Ready device, whether it's your computer, television, or home theater system.

“The Universal Remote Control” of 3D glasses

  • Works with multiple 3D-Ready displays
  • Upgradeable for future 3D standards
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • Simple micro-USB port charging
  • Fast glass for a clearer, brighter picture

3D Synchronization using Radio Frequency Technology

  • Resists line-of-sight interference
  • Resists infra-red remote control interference
  • Resists florescent light and sunlight interference

Patent Pending Synchronization technology

  • Eliminate ghosting with multi-microsecond accuracy
  • Adjustable duty cycle for multiple display types

Compatible with multiple displays

  • 3D Ready HDTV’s
    • TV’s with stereoscopic connectors
  • 3D Ready Gaming PC’s
    • Optimized for use with AMD’s ATI GPU’s

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