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BACCH 3D Sound







  1. The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.
  2. The ability to believe that a Virtual Reality experience is real and you are there.
  3. The ability to believe that sights and sound in Augmented Reality are part of real life.

Used in a sentence: BACCH 3D Sound technology takes existing stereo, surround and 3D sounds and gives them the presence expected in a world-class product. 

Synonyms: suspension of disbelief, engagement, ubiety, magical realism, naturalness



BACCH 3D Sound for Unity Apps 

BACCH 3D Sound for Headphones, Speakers, and Surround Sound systems can be used as a Unity Effects Plug-In or contact us to inquire about Licensing in Unity or any other format.



BACCH 3D Sound for Consumer Electronics Devices

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Add BACCH 3D Sound to your product today! Any product that can play stereo can play 3D Sound with the addition of a BACCH filter! Because the perfect filter depends on the performance and geometry of your device, each device will have the perfect 3D Sound filter custom made in our labs and then provided to you. Contact us today to head 3D sounds you never thought possible from your existing or upcoming device.


Implementations. BACCH 3D Sound filters are available in the following implementations.




Raw filter coefficients for your product


CSR8670/8675 (a popular chip for Bluetooth speakers and headsets) SDK Plug-In


Unity Effect Plug-In


PC File Processor


Windows library / Android object file with C++ and Java APIs


An Android Service callable from any Android app


C64X DSP library




WWISE, FMOD, and VST Plug-Ins

Possible with Business Case

Windows Virtual Device

Possible with Business Case

Your Requested Implementation

Possible with Business Case


BACCH 3D Sound Filter Generation for Your Device

Let Bit Cauldron generate the 3D Sound filters for your device.

Four Methods of Generating BACCH 3D Sound Filters


Use a Generic Filter

Let Bit Cauldron generate filters for you




“One Size fits Most” works surprisingly well and provides a zero-effort out-of-box experience

Collectively we have years of experience doing this in acoustic chambers with specialized equipment.

This audiophile grade component is designed for both high performance audio and engineering use.

This lab-bench based system allows filter generation for a large number of devices.

Who should use this method?

App developers where the end-user’s hardware is unknown.

Everyone with device with stereo speakers that wants 3D Sound

Audiophiles and Engineers that want to present an elegant showcase of any device with 3D Sound.



BACCH 3D Sound technology is licensed from Princeton University.

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