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About Us

 About Us


What We Do

Bit Cauldron Corporation is an embedded software company.

In other words, we make software that goes inside consumer electronics. Our customers are brand-name companies you are probably very familiar with. In fact, you've probably seen products using our software in retail, web-stores and app stores.

Sometimes, as with our 3D Glasses Software, we offer complete hardware Reference Designs to make it easy for our customers to offer products containing our software. Other times, as with our AudioCauldron Headphone Engines, we work with each customer to embed our software inside their product in a manner that is unique and exclusive to them.

Some of our software modules, like our AudioCauldron Equalizer Engine, are designed to run in anyone’s app and can be downloaded direct from our website and used immediately. The one thing we sell direct to consumers is our apps, which are designed to provide an example of our engines and the cool things they can do.


Our Technology

We have over ten pending patents and our intellectual property covers methods of providing for a superior user experience with our eyeware by making the wireless connection to the eyeware ultra-reliable through advanced mathematical networking and synchronization techniques. Our eyeware is not susceptible to the interference from remote controls, compact fluorescent lights and other sources that have plagued our competitors.


Our Products

Bit Cauldron Corporation’s 3D eyeware enables 3D home theater, web, gaming & chat. We also provide USB and Vesa transmitters that support multiple displays.


Our Partners

At Bit Cauldron, we believe that great things come from collaboration.



Bit Cauldron Corporation

Florida Innovation Hub at UF
747 SW 2nd Ave, IMB #11
FAX: 352-414-5540
Phone: (408) 462-5881