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Who are We?

We make 3D audio and visual technology to augment your reality

In other words...
we make the software that goes inside consumer electronics and popular downloadable apps. For consumers, we sell 3D viewing technology and develop innovative consumer apps.


We partner with innovative companies like Optoma, Monster and EStar America to create active 3D shutter glasses that immerse you in realistic 3D worlds on your projecter, TV or computer.


We develop 3D Sound software that converts standard stereo speakers into truly immersive, realistic 3D sound devices. Our Audio Cauldron (AC) 3D Sound technology is available as a variety of sound engines and also as an Android™ App.


We've created hardware Reference designs to enable our customers to easily include our software in their product designs. We also work with each customer to embed our software inside their product or app in a manner that is unique and exclusive to them.


We integrate the flexibility of 3D technology into our apps: our Scarecauldron app is halloween fun for the whole family, while our AudioZest app allows you to create your own virtual recording studio by adjusting where virtual speakers are in a "room" around you.

AudioCauldron Engines

  • AudioCauldron Speaker Engine

    Speaker Engine

    a 3D Sound Speaker Engine for Stereo
  • AudioCauldron Headphone Engine

    Headphone Engine

    an 3D Sound Engine for Android™
  • AudioCauldron Tablet Engine

    Tablet Engine

    a 3D Sound Speaker Engine for Stereo

3D Glasses

BC5000 Image The Bit Cauldron BC5000 Radio Frequency Shutter Glasses came out in early 2010, and have since been replaced by the BC6000. Like the BC6000, these Glasses allow you to see high definition, full-color lifelike 3D images on any 3D-Ready device, whether it's your computer, television, or home theater system Note: if we no longer offer the BC5000 it should not be included on the website
BC6000 Image The Bit Cauldron BC6000 Radio Frequency Shutter Glasses allow you to see high definition, full-color lifelike 3D images on 3D-Ready computer, television, and home theater systems and many other existing systems.

Other Products

Transmitter Image Our transmitters and software enable multiple displays to show high quality 3D images. From home theater systems and gaming monitors to mobile and interlaced laptops, Bit Cauldron brings in the world of 3D technology.